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6 Jun

Today I stumbled on an article about Bitcoin, a newish online currency:…

I don’t quite understand how it all works, but it’s based on peer-to-peer anonymous online transactions. It’s like BitTorrent where there is no central server–so there’s no way a government could really stop or regulate it. Time will tell, but I think this could be an efficient and streamlined solution for overthrowing the central bank parasites. Uranus, ruler of technology, the Promethean archetype that steals the power from the gods and gives it to the people, may have struck again!


Taking the Plunge into the Ultimate

6 Jun

“I went deeper and deeper inside–I traveled through various realms, some of them beautiful, others magical, and others quite scary. It felt kind of like being in a computer game, where you have to figure out a way to go from level to level and there are hidden dangers, distractions, and traps awaiting you everywhere. Finally I broke through to the top level–and to my amazement, I became simultaneously all the people (and other intelligent beings) who ever lived, are alive, and will ever live in the universe. I realized that there is only one Actor playing all the parts–it is God, and I am him. Thus, we all will be saved, there is no hell waiting for us after death (though we created one for ourselves on Earth), and God loves every single one of us the way we are. I knew that our lives are merely a dream, a virtual-reality movie. We cannot really die or get hurt and we have potential to awaken to who we really are–when we will, this world will turn into heaven. I saw how perfect the story is and that everything is fine the way it is–there is no need to struggle to change things out in the world; instead each of us has to work on healing himself or herself. There is no need to suffer or to be unhappy ever again. This experience turned upside down my views of the world and religion and changed me profoundly–for better.”
– Mushroom trip report reprinted from Erowid in Inner Paths to Outer Space

Welcome to New Ancient

18 Feb

New Ancient is a collection of links, thoughts, and media to assist midwifing a sustainable, thriving humanity. I believe humanity has the potential to live in joyous harmony with nature and to achieve vibrant health and happiness, and I hope this web site can help foster ideas to help us reach that potential. The seemingly paradoxical name ‘New Ancient’ comes from my belief that many of the seemingly new ideas to help us reach sustainable harmony are actually ancient, and the actually new ideas that will help us reach sustainable harmony will, in the future, become ancient.

I dedicate this site to the ancient Pali term Metta, which means ‘the strong wish for the welfare and happiness of others.’