25 Mar

This article in Alternet well states a point that I’ve often felt:

“As Martin wrote in her book “Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters,” the process of plucking, primping, dieting, exercising, and striving to conform to beauty standards–and hating themselves when they inevitably do not (who can live up to perfection itself?)–sucks up much of women’s time and energy that could be used to affect positive change for themselves and others.

Cool idea from the article on how to combat Photoshopped idea of beauty:

“To attack the culture of false ideals, another participant came up with a “reality stamp”–a certification to be used for media products that don’t alter their images with airbrushing or photoshopping. As Martin says, it would give “leverage” to consumers  but by celebrating the good media outlets rather than decrying the bad ones. This idea seems to have potential to gain traction, considering that some media outlets are already self-advertising as photoshop-free, sensing a consumer backlash.”


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