Money as Debt

23 Feb

Take the red pill and discover the reality of the monetary system. “Money as Debt II” is a well-produced, easily digestible examination of where money comes from and the problems inherent in the system. Wake up to realize our indentured servitude to the all-mighty banks so that we can reclaim the monetary system as a service of convenience to us, the value-producing people. The fate of the Earth depends on transitioning out of this system, as it does not have enough resources to continue to fuel an economy that needs to grow and grow just to tread water. We have the intelligence, technology, and resources to create a world that works for everyone, one where we can take care of everyone.

Overall I feel that humanity as a whole is going through an epic lesson of “profiting at another’s expense,” so it is only fitting that the monetary system itself reflects this learning process. Here bankers have rigged the system for their profit and everyone else’s demise, and everyone but those at the top feel the unhappy consequences of that greed. I work to forgive the part of myself that profits at another’s expense, and look forward to when humanity can share equally and work to freely support each other in the full expression of our divine gifts. Namaste!


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