The Hobbit House

20 Feb

The ‘hobbit house’ is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen, and also one of the cheapest. Built by hand, it cost only $5,000. Most of the materials came from the surrounding environment, making it a perfect picture of sustainability. I love the organic nature of the building, it feels so much more comfortable to me. After all, straight lines don’t occur often in nature. Simon, who built the house, seems to concur:

“Our house is unusual but the aesthetic appeals to lots of people and perhaps touches something innate in us that evolved in forests.

Here is Simon’s new house, also naturally perfect, and a gallery of similar natural buildings. I felt so empowered when I realized that all I need to create my dream home is a plot of land, several grand, a little learning, and a few friends willing to play in the mud.


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